my adorable bunny costume decorated with ferret tracks was a special gift from a friend.

it's easter time! a time to celebrate rebirth and spring. a time to hop around a little more than usual and don one of your favorite pairs of bunny ears. a time to dye eggs lovely colors and then keep dying them until they are eggs only a mother could love. a time to celebrate the wonders of a good bunny shaped chocolate bar or the mysteries of bright yellow marshmallow peeps. a time to pick one of the links below and have some easter fun.

what kind of attractive headgear is right for easter? bunny ears, of course!

what's terry cloth and almost as cute as me? wash cloth bunnies, of course!

what's more fun then decorating easter eggs? decorating egg shaped cookies, of course!

what do you do with all those hard boiled eggs after you have admired them? make egg salad, of course! or whip up a batch of deviled eggs.

what do you do with all the egg shells from the eggs that you made egg salad from? make a lovely eggshell mosaic picture, of course!


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