valentines day is a one of my favorite holidays. you get to make pretty cards, you get to give them to lots of people, and people give you valentine cards. if you are a little shy like i am, it's the perfect holiday to tell people that you love them if you haven't had the nerve to do it all year long. everyone gives people kisses and hugs. it's very romantic and it makes me very happy.

it's important to get start early getting your valentines festivities planned. please join me as i prepare for this lovable holiday.

delicious valentine shortbread cookies

crafty cardiac cross stitch valentines

those little valentine conversation hearts

scrumptious and simple truffles (chocolate not fungus)

valentine making tips

customized candy box

snappy things to write in your valentine cards

tips for valentine's day romance

festive headgear

the annual "el corazon" art exhibit

valentine verses from my friends!

make a special monkey valentine card


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