not to be confused with the book "holidays on ice"

christmas is a wonderful holiday. you get to sing lots of songs, wrap packages, unwrap packages and sing more songs. you get to bake cookie, give them to your friends and eat cookie dough while you are baking. you get to talk to strangers and wish them a "merry christmas" and you get to be an angel to someone you've never met! all this fun to celebrate jesus' birthday... i think it's great!

please join me on some of my holiday adventures. tell all of your friends, too. this is the season of sharing, you know.

it's fruitcake weather... the annual fruitcake ritual.

where do christmas trees really come from? inquisitive monkeys want to know and i find out..

my book suggestions for the holiday season.

my picture with santa

let's make our own christmas ornaments! or a very special genuine monkey ornament! or just enjoy the pictures of the monkey ornaments my friends have made.

some spiffy stuff i got for christmas

how to decorate the most beautiful christmas tree in this galaxy!

gift wrapping tips!

new! my favorite new tradition! i make my own christmas crackers! (they're fun, but they're not a snack!)

christmas past: the big christmas day 2000 solar eclipse.

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